Weed and Pest Control

The essence of weed control is prevention. Complete control may be achieved by a consistent and carefully timed seasonal application of preemergent and postemergent herbicides.

What are Preemergent Herbicides?

Preemergent herbicides are weed seed germination inhibitors that disrupt the normal growth of weed seeds. They are considered not poisonous to plants and may be used on all your landscaped areas (i.e., planters, lawns, gravel, rock and dirt ). These pre-emergent materials prevent the germination of weed seeds only by inhibiting a key enzyme which disrupt the growth of weed seeds and have no effect on plants and trees.

How does it work? Preemergent herbicides are sprayed on soil areas with the intent of applying an even coverage that will penetrate the soil to a depth of 1 – 2 inches and effectively remain in the soil thus preventing weed seeds from germination for at least six months.

What are Postemergent Herbicides?

Postemergent herbicides are considered to be contact sprays with no residual effect. They kill only the plants that are sprayed and provide no long term control. A postemergent treatment is often required on the initial service.

SDL only uses products that will not harm plants, people or pets. All SDL technicians are highly trained and licensed to ensure proper application and control measures are in place to stop weed growth on the spot.